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Cider bicycle


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Our cider bicycle is an instant classic and will bring a delicious taste of the West Country to any event.  Served by the glass or the bottle, our cider bicycle likes nothing more than dishing out some delicious West Country cider - be it traditional farmhouse scrumpy or some of the newer, well known sparkling varieties – to your guests.  


She is perfectly adaptable for all seasons, providing chilled refreshment in the summer or working as a gorgeous serving platform for some hearty warming mulled cider in the winter.


The cider bicycle:


  • Delivers delicious refreshment from an eye catching traditional bicycle.



  • Can serve your choice of scrumpy (West Country shorthand for strong farmhouse cider!) or alternatives based on availability.



  • Is eye catching and unusual, providing a talking point for guests and a great centrepiece as a unique and transportable bar.



  • Comes with a side table of suitable cider accompanying nibbles for your guests.



Bringing the West Country’s finest to your guests; ‘The Great Cider Provider’ is a fantastic centrepiece to provide liquid refreshment at any event. The Cider Bicycle also attends public events where there is sufficient footfall, and can arrange the appropriate alcohol licence if required – get in touch to check our availability.

Our package prices vary depending on the type and quantity of cider you would like served, however as a guideline a package to serve 100 guests would cost around £350 to provide one pint of cider to each person.  


We can cater for any size event, so get in touch to discuss your requirements for a bespoke quote.

Our cider bicycles are available to hire for your wedding, corporate event or special occasion throughout Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Devon, Berkshire, Hampshire, Bath, Bristol, Southampton, Bournemouth and the south west, south and mid Wales, southern England and London.

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