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Pick 'n' Mix box delivery

Sweets list

Juicy lips

Liquorice allsorts

Liquorice comfits

Liquorice cuttings

Liquorice gums

Liquorice sticks

Liquorice toffee

Liquorice wheels

Mega sour apples

Mega sour raspberry

Menthol & eucalyptus

Midget gems

Milk chocolate coffee beans

Milk chocolate eggs

Milk chocolate honeycomb bites

Milk chocolate peanuts

Milk chocolate raisins

Mini Jelly Babies


Mint dragees

Mint humbugs

Mint imperials

Nougat bars (count as 100g)

Nougat bar - Tutti Frutti (count as 100g)


Pear drops

Pineapple cubes

Milk chocolate honeycomb bites

Milk chocolate peanuts

Milk chocolate raisins

Mini Jelly Babies


Mint dragees

Mint humbugs

Mint imperials

Nougat bars (count as 100g)

Nougat bar - Tutti Frutti


Pear drops

Pineapple cubes

Pink hearts

Pink & white mice

Pontefract cakes

Reeses Peanut Cups (count as 100g)


Refreshers strawberry

Rhubarb & custard

Rosey apples

Sherbet lemons

Sherbet strawberries


Sour dummies

Spearmint chews

Strong mints

Sweet peanuts

Sugared almonds

Super shrimps

Throat & chest

Turkish delight

Variety mix

Watermelon slices

Wine gums

Winter mix

Yorkshire mix

Chocolate eclairs

Chocolate limes

Cinder toffee

Coconut mushrooms

Coltsfoot Rock

Cough candy twist

Creamy toffee


Dew drops

Dolly Mix


Edinburgh rock

Fizz wiz - cola and strawberry

Fizzy blue bubblegum bottles

Fizzy mix

Floral gums

Flying saucers

Fried eggs

Friendship rings

Fruit jellies


Grays teacakes

Heart throbs

Hershey's Bar - cookies and cream (count as 100g)


Jelly babies

Jelly beans

Jelly bears

Jelly snakes

Jelly spogs


Please be aware that our sweets may contain nuts and not all sweets are suitable for young children.  Our sweets also contain MILK, WHEAT, GLUTEN and E-NUMBERS. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergens, please make these clear when ordering. A full list of ingredients can be provided upon request.


Sweet boxes

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If you would like a bespoke box, just choose 10 types of sweet from the following list plus 2 additional choices (in case any of your other choices are out of stock), send us a private message with the details via our Facebook page or contact form and we'll get it out to you as soon as possible!


ABC letters

American hard gums

Aniseed balls

Aniseed twist

Acid drops

Army & navy

Apple bonbons

Blue raspberry bonbons

Bubblegum strips

Lemon bonbons

Strawberry bonbons

Toffee bonbons


Barley Sugar

Blackberry & raspberry gums

Black & white mints

Blackcurrant and liquorice


Bubblegum pips

Sherbet pips

Fruit pips

Cola pips

Candy sticks

Chewing nuts

Choc nibbles

Choc mints

Chocolate toffee

Clove drops

Cola bottles

Cola cubes


Chocolate footballs


Fudge choices (Fudge Fanatics boxes only):



Cherry & almond

Chilli Chocolate



Coconut Ice

Fudge Ice

Maple & Walnut

Orange & chocolate

Mint & Chocolate

Peanut brittle

Rum & raisin

Sea Salt Caramel



*Please note - these are the usual sweet choices we hold, however this may be affected by availability.

We are very excited to announce that we have now launched our very own pick ‘n’ mix sweet box delivery service to Trowbridge, Westbury and surrounding villages!


Our boxes are full to the brim with a whopping 1kg of sweets and delivered to your door for just £10 each or 2 for £18.  Have a bespoke box delivered by choosing up to 10 types of sweets from our enormous range (see list below) or one of the following pre-made selections:


Garbanzo's Big Mix - a fabulously sweet and tasty big mix picked from our extensive range by us for you!

Retro Classics - all of the classics including shrimps, cola bottles, fried eggs and much much more!

Liquorice Lovers - a liquorice lovers delight with liquorice comfits, wheels, Pontefract cakes etc

Hard Boiled Heaven - all of the old favourites including sherbet lemons, rhubarb & custard, pineapple cubes and more

Chocolate Mix - love chocolate? Love our new chocolate mix! Crammed full of    jazzies, choc nibbles, honeycomb bites and lots more

Sour & Fizzy Mix - not for the faint of heart, this box has a mix of Barnett's 'Mega Sour' hard boiled sweets plus some fizzy favourites

Fudge Fanatics - four delicious bags of hand made premium fudge, either of your choice (see list below) or a random selection


Chockablock full of all your favourite sweets, our Pick 'n' Mix boxes are available to collect from the shop or delivered straight to your door - perfect for cosy nights in, parties, special occasions, gifts or rewards.  


To order your box, just send us a private message via our Facebook page or contact form.


We deliver to the following areas: Trowbridge, Hilperton, Staverton, North Bradley, Southwick, West Ashton, Westbury, Dilton Marsh, Bratton, Edington, Heywood, Upton Scudamore (Please note: if you live in an area not covered by our deliveries you can also order online or in store and collect from the shop!)


Delivery slots:

Mondays: 5-7.30pm

Tuesdays: 2-5.30pm

Friday: 5-7.30pm

Saturday: 4-6pm


Our delivery slots have been filling up fast (especially the weekend ones!) so get your orders in early to ensure you get a box!


Payment can be made by cash on delivery or (at the time of ordering) payment via BACS or Paypal (50p surcharge). If you would like to pay via BACS or Paypal just ask us for our details when you order.


Get in touch if you have any questions, queries or requests; we would love to hear from you.

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